About Us

Who are we?

LMT Performing Arts has been born out of a love for the arts, a determination to teach and share talent, and with the understanding that we can reach beyond our limitations to achieve excellence.  LMT Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Nicole, Director/ Choreographer/ Vocal Coach/ Set Decorator/ Costume Coordinator

Nicole Howton has been involved in putting shows on the stage for over 25 years. She is a trained professional Choreographer, Director, Vocal Coach, Costume Designer and Set Decorator. She has been involved in every aspect of her shows.  (See video below)


Todd, Technician/ Set Design/ Set Construction/ Sound/ Props/ Graphic Design

Todd Howton is an experienced Theater Technical Director.  He designs and builds sets, creates props, sets up and fine tunes sound and body mics, understanding lighting, running the back-end of a show and troubleshoots everything inbetween.

LMT Performing Arts could not function without the incredible people who share their time and talents. Thank you Annette, Kathleen, Lessie, Linda and all of our other incredible volunteers.  We truly appreciate all you do!

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