Current Projects

What are we doing now?

West Side Story - UPDATE!
Lodi Musical Theater Performing Arts is preparing for our next production... "West Side Story", the beloved Broadway musical based on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Auditions for West Side Story went great! There are a LOT of talented people in our community. The cast list is now available. Performances are scheduled for the first 3 weeks in May.  We appreciate your patience during this trying time. We also appreciate and rely on the support and donations from our community. To donate to this incredible show, please use our PayPal link, or send us a message.

Ongoing Private Vocal Students 
Nicole is currently teaching over 40 private voice students training their voices and preparing them for auditions and upcoming performances.  Most of her students will be singing at the Broadway Musicals Concert Fundraiser event and many of her students are currently in musical theater shows at various theaters throughout the valley.

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